Kalari, is our nation's tradional warrior martial art which incorporates the way of life and Human well-being within itself. This extraordinary art was created and transmitted to the human kind by Asaan Sage Agasthiya muni. Later it was redefined by Asaan Parashurama.

Among the world's top ten martial arts, Kalarippayattu stands first. It is an undeniable fact that Kalari is the mother of all martial arts and it dates back to more than 10,000 years.

Beyond being a martial art alone, it greatly helps people to lead a healthy and holistic life.

The benefits of Kalaripayattu include:
1. Boost in energy levels, vigor and vitality
2. Relief from chronic ailments
3. Very effective in training the mind, developing mental clarity, focus and balance.
4. Prepare one for a deeper state of meditation as a result of stillness in mind
5. Channeling body, mind, and energy
6. It will create an inner chemistry of joy and a healthy mind.

Our classes will enable an opportunity to learn the ancient and powerful practices of kalarippayattu combines with a sequence of selected yogasanas, aumkar meditation and pranayamam with kriya practices, and an introduction to the basic principles of Siddha and Ayurveda. Kalarippayattu – the mother of all martial arts is presented in the traditional form as transformed by Asaan Agasthiya muni.

The curriculum is designed to empower you to move towards healthy and holistic lifestyles that are rooted in the ancient wisdom of kalarippayattu.
Our classes are being held in multiple places in Chennai and Vellore.